Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I personally  agree with president's opinion of ,constructing a gauge railway ,but i feel that, this should take the second priority ,after improving on the present roads we are having.I do also feel that the funds which have been allocated for this project do settle some of depts that kenya has for other countries

I also do agree that ,the standard gauge train will take faster transportation ,it wont be accessed by every  body but few people who will be near the railway as compared to roads.Also as it will be in position of being constructed ,some people who stays near the railway line will be displeased and as government,i feel that the alternative should be taken, to settle them before they are displaced.

I feel that doing what i have just mentioned in the above paragraphs ,the government should construct ,Mombasa to Uganda road ,because most transportation of various goods ,from Kenyan port to Uganda passes through it.Why can it also be expanded?.after it has successfully succeeded then the government can go on with , the construction of gauged railway.

Please,feel free to share your ideas and your opinion with me, as well as share this blog.


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